East  la  mermaids

Angel Baby, a 16-year old mermaid growing up in the underwater East LA, is feeling trapped in her 'Chola' lifestyle. Her friends, family and environment are all wrapped in representing East LA and the often backfiring actions it entices. With no one to turn to except her not very helpful fairy godmother, Maria, Angel Baby must face this problem on her own and discover a new way of living.



         Obsessed with money after coming from nothing, Edgar loses his family and mind chasing paper. One night he runs into the forest looking for the source. Ironically, he is turned into a tree spirit and enters the Realm of Nature after Greed kills him. Life's daughter, Love, goes against her father's rules and rejuvenates Edgar as an invisible spirit in Nature. Now Edgar must redeem himself of his past in order to turn back into his human form and go home. 

Character design

Oopsy Daisy, a small town peanut with dreams of becoming a Hollywood movie-star, goes to the big city. Her clumsy peanut-self lands her into the entertainment industry but not for the purpose she intended... Through her clumsiness she becomes a famous showgirl that leaves the audience out of breath, laughing. Little does she know it's at her. What will become of Daisy when she finds out?